Can the Samsung Watch 4 Make Calls

The Samsung Watch 4 is not just a stylish accessory; it is also a versatile gadget packed with features. From calling and texting to fitness tracking and music control, this smartwatch has it all.

One of the most intriguing features is its calling capability. We will explore how the calling feature works on the Samsung Watch 4, whether you can make calls with it, what devices it is compatible with, how to set up calling, and the limitations you may encounter.

If you’re curious about how this smartwatch can enhance your communication experience, keep reading to find out more.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Samsung Watch 4 offers a variety of features such as calling, fitness tracking, and music control.
  • With a connected phone, the Samsung Watch 4 can make calls independently or through LTE.
  • The Samsung Watch 4 is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and can be set up easily for calling.
  • What Features Does the Samsung Watch 4 Have?

    The Samsung Watch 4 is a cutting-edge smartwatch that offers a plethora of features to enhance your daily life, including advanced calling and texting capabilities, fitness tracking, music and media control, Samsung Pay integration, and convenient voice control functionality.

    Calling and Texting

    The calling and texting feature of the Samsung Watch 4 allows users to conveniently make and receive calls, answer texts, and stay connected even when their phone is out of reach.

    With the integrated LTE connectivity of the Samsung Watch 4, users have the freedom to use their smartwatch as a standalone device for calls and texts, without needing their smartphone nearby. The seamless Bluetooth functionality further enhances the user experience, enabling smooth synchronization between the watch and the phone. Users can easily manage notifications, respond to messages, and make calls directly from their wrist, making communication effortless.

    Fitness Tracking

    The Samsung Watch 4 excels in fitness tracking, offering a range of features to monitor your physical activities, track your progress, and customize settings to suit your workout preferences.

    One of the standout aspects of the Samsung Watch 4 is its array of advanced sensors, including an accurate heart rate monitor, GPS for precise tracking of outdoor activities, and a blood oxygen sensor for monitoring overall health.

    With over 90 different workout modes, you can choose activities ranging from running and cycling to swimming and yoga, ensuring that all your physical activities are accurately captured and analyzed.

    Plus tracking your steps and calories burned, the watch provides detailed insights into your sleep patterns, stress levels, and even menstrual cycles for comprehensive health monitoring.

    Users can personalize their experience by customizing settings such as target goals, alerts, and preferred metrics, creating a tailored fitness tracking experience that aligns perfectly with their individual needs and goals.

    Music and Media Control

    With its music and media control features, the Samsung Watch 4 allows users to manage their favorite tunes, control media playback, and adjust volume directly from their wrist, enhancing the entertainment experience.

    The Samsung Watch 4 leverages its Bluetooth connectivity to seamlessly pair with headphones or speakers, providing users with a truly wire-free music experience. Compatibility with popular music apps such as Spotify and Apple Music ensures that users can easily access their preferred playlists and podcasts on the go. The playback controls integrated into the watch interface enable users to play, pause, skip tracks, or adjust the volume with a simple touch or swipe, making music management convenient at any time.

    The watch’s intuitive interface allows users to browse and select songs, albums, or podcasts directly from the screen, eliminating the need to reach for a paired smartphone. With a quick glance at their wrist, users can stay in control of their media content without interrupting their activities. Whether working out at the gym or commuting to work, the Samsung Watch 4 ensures that users can enjoy their favorite music with ease and efficiency, all from the convenience of a stylish and functional wearable device.

    Samsung Pay

    Samsung Pay integration in the Samsung Watch 4 enables users to make secure payments on-the-go, offering a convenient and contactless payment solution directly from their wrist.

    With Samsung Pay on the Samsung Watch 4, users can leave their wallets behind and enjoy the freedom of making transactions with just a tap. The seamless payment experience is further enhanced by the watch’s NFC technology, ensuring swift and secure transactions. Security measures such as fingerprint authentication or PIN verification provide peace of mind during every payment. Users can easily manage their preferred payment methods, including credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, and even public transit cards, all within the Samsung Pay app integrated into the watch.

    Voice Control

    The voice control feature of the Samsung Watch 4 allows users to interact with the device hands-free, providing a convenient and efficient way to navigate settings, access information, and perform tasks using voice commands.

    By simply activating the voice input, users can ask the Samsung Watch 4 to send messages, set reminders, make calls, play music, or even check the weather without having to touch the screen. Integrated with Bixby, Samsung’s intelligent voice assistant, the watch recognizes a wide range of commands and queries, enabling seamless interaction with various apps and services on the Galaxy ecosystem. This integration ensures that users can effortlessly control their smart home devices, monitor their fitness activities, and more, all through simple voice prompts.

    How Does the Calling Feature Work on the Samsung Watch 4?

    The calling feature on the Samsung Watch 4 leverages its seamless integration with your phone and advanced LTE connectivity to ensure that you can make and receive calls with ease, whether you’re connected to your phone or using independent LTE calling functionality.

    Connected to Your Phone

    When connected to your phone, the Samsung Watch 4 seamlessly transfers calls, allowing you to answer, make calls, and stay connected using your phone’s network through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    Call management on the Samsung Watch 4 is user-friendly, with features like call forwarding, call waiting, and call history accessible right from your wrist. While connected, you can easily toggle between calls using the watch interface, ensuring you never miss an important conversation.

    The network connectivity options on the Samsung Watch 4 provide flexibility in how you stay connected. Whether it’s through Bluetooth for short-range connections or Wi-Fi for extended coverage, the watch ensures a seamless transition between networks for uninterrupted communication.

    Independent Calling with LTE

    The Samsung Watch 4 supports independent calling through LTE connectivity, allowing you to make calls directly from the watch without relying on your phone’s network, provided you have a compatible LTE plan with a service provider.

    This functionality of making calls on the Samsung Watch 4 is highly convenient, especially in situations where carrying a phone might be cumbersome, impractical, or simply not feasible.

    To set up independent calling, you need to ensure that your watch is connected to a stable LTE network. This involves activating the eSIM on your watch and configuring the necessary network settings. Compatible service providers offer LTE plans specifically designed for smartwatches, allowing you to enjoy seamless calling experiences on the go.

    Can You Make Calls with the Samsung Watch 4?

    Yes, you can make calls with the Samsung Watch 4, either by connecting it to your phone for seamless call transfers or utilizing its independent LTE calling feature with a compatible service provider.

    Yes, if Connected to Your Phone

    When connected to your phone, the Samsung Watch 4 allows you to make calls seamlessly, leveraging your phone’s network to ensure clear communication and convenience.

    Initiating a call from your Watch 4 is a breeze; you can either use the touchscreen to select a contact from your synced phonebook or simply use voice commands. Once the call is in progress, you have the option to manage it directly on the watch, allowing you to adjust the volume or even switch to a different audio output if needed. When a call comes in, you can glance at your watch to see the caller’s information and choose to answer or decline the call with a simple touch.

    Yes, with Independent LTE Calling

    Utilizing the independent LTE calling feature on the Samsung Watch 4, users can make calls directly from the watch, relying on its LTE connection and compatibility with select service providers for uninterrupted communication.

    When users opt for the independent LTE calling function, they are essentially harnessing the watch’s built-in cellular capabilities to place and receive calls without the need for their smartphones within proximity. This feature offers a new level of convenience and freedom, especially during physical activities or when traveling light. The Samsung Watch 4’s LTE connection serves as the bridge that connects the user to the cellular network, ensuring seamless connectivity for clear voice communication.

    What Other Devices Can the Samsung Watch 4 Make Calls With?

    The Samsung Watch 4 can make calls with various devices, including Android phones and iOS phones, offering versatile calling options to suit different user preferences.

    Android Phones

    When paired with Android phones, the Samsung Watch 4 enables users to make calls effortlessly, leveraging the Android compatibility and Samsung’s seamless integration for a smooth calling experience.

    The Samsung Watch 4 acts as a powerful extension of your Android device, allowing you to stay connected without needing to constantly reach for your phone. With its intuitive interface, answering calls on the watch is a breeze; simply raise your wrist to your ear or tap to answer, and you’re instantly engaged in the conversation. The watch’s microphone and speakers deliver clear audio quality, ensuring that you can communicate effectively even when on the go.

    iOS Phones

    For iOS phone users, the Samsung Watch 4 offers seamless call-making capabilities, ensuring compatibility and smooth communication between the watch and iOS devices for convenient calling experiences.

    Once paired with an iOS phone, the Samsung Watch 4 effortlessly syncs contacts, recent calls, and allows users to make calls directly from their wrist. The watch leverages the iOS integration to display incoming call notifications, making it easy to accept or reject calls without reaching for the phone.

    The Samsung Watch 4’s advanced microphone and speaker enhance call clarity and quality, ensuring clear conversations even in noisy environments. Users can initiate calls using voice commands or by simply selecting contacts from the watch’s interface.

    How to Set Up Calling on the Samsung Watch 4?

    Setting up calling on the Samsung Watch 4 involves connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth for seamless call transfers or configuring independent LTE calling with a compatible service provider for standalone call functionality.

    Connecting to Your Phone

    To set up calling on the Samsung Watch 4, start by connecting the watch to your phone via Bluetooth, ensuring a stable and secure connection for call transfers and seamless communication between the two devices.

    On your Samsung Watch 4, navigate to Settings and tap on Bluetooth to enable it. Then, on your smartphone, open the Bluetooth settings and search for available devices where you should see your watch listed. Tap on the watch’s name to pair it with your phone.

    Once paired, both devices will be linked, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your watch without having to dig out your phone. This not only enhances convenience but also offers a seamless experience as your watch and phone work together in harmony.

    Setting Up Independent LTE Calling

    For independent LTE calling on the Samsung Watch 4, users need to set up the LTE connectivity with a compatible service provider, ensuring a seamless experience when making calls directly from the watch without relying on a phone.

    Activating LTE on the Samsung Watch 4 involves first checking with the service provider for LTE compatibility and activating the LTE plan for the watch. Once the LTE SIM card is inserted, ensure network connectivity by configuring the LTE settings on the watch. This involves selecting the correct network frequencies and setting up the APN settings provided by the service provider.

    Having standalone LTE calling capability on the Samsung Watch 4 offers users the freedom to make and receive calls even when away from their phones. This feature provides a sense of security, convenience, and accessibility, especially during activities where carrying a phone might not be feasible.

    What Are the Limitations of Making Calls on the Samsung Watch 4?

    While the Samsung Watch 4 offers advanced calling features, users may encounter limitations such as the need for a phone connection, restricted independent LTE calling, and service provider compatibility with AT&T and Verizon networks.

    Need for Phone Connection

    One of the limitations of making calls on the Samsung Watch 4 is the reliance on a phone connection, as seamless call functionality is tied to the watch being connected to a compatible phone for communication.

    When the Samsung Watch 4 is connected to a phone, it allows for convenient call management directly from your wrist. This connectivity ensures that your calls are synced across devices, meaning you can answer or initiate calls without needing to access your phone. This dependency on a connected phone means that if the phone is out of range or disconnected, the call features on the watch may be limited, causing potential interruptions in communication flow.

    Limited Independent LTE Calling

    Independent LTE calling on the Samsung Watch 4 may have limitations based on network coverage, service provider support, and regional restrictions, affecting the availability and reliability of standalone call functionality.

    One of the primary constraints of independent LTE calling on the Samsung Watch 4 is the reliance on a robust LTE network to ensure seamless connectivity. In areas with poor network coverage, the watch’s ability to make calls independently may be compromised, leading to dropped calls or poor call quality.

    The availability of standalone calling on the watch is also contingent upon the support from service providers. Some carriers may not offer full compatibility with the watch, limiting the features and services that can be accessed through the device.

    Regional restrictions, such as specific regulations or licensing agreements, can further impact the usability of LTE calling on the Samsung Watch 4 in certain areas. These restrictions may vary from one location to another, affecting the overall user experience.

    Availability of Service Provider

    The availability of service providers like AT&T and Verizon can influence the calling experience on the Samsung Watch 4, with compatibility issues, network support, and LTE connectivity impacting the user’s ability to make calls.

    Service provider availability is crucial as it determines the network compatibility the device can utilize. For instance, if a user selects a service provider that doesn’t support LTE, they may face limited calling options and reduced call quality. The strength of the network provided by a specific carrier also plays a significant role in call reliability. Choosing a service provider with strong network coverage can ensure uninterrupted calling experience, especially in areas with varying connectivity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can the Samsung Watch 4 make calls?

    Yes, the Samsung Watch 4 has the ability to make and receive calls when connected to a compatible smartphone.

    What type of calls can the Samsung Watch 4 make?

    The Samsung Watch 4 can make traditional phone calls as well as video calls through apps like Google Duo or WhatsApp.

    Do I need to have my phone nearby for the Samsung Watch 4 to make calls?

    Yes, the Samsung Watch 4 needs to be connected to a compatible smartphone in order to make and receive calls.

    Can I use my Samsung Watch 4 to make emergency calls?

    Yes, the Samsung Watch 4 has a built-in emergency calling feature that allows you to call for help without needing to have your phone nearby.

    Can I make calls with my Samsung Watch 4 without a cellular plan?

    The ability to make calls on the Samsung Watch 4 without a cellular plan depends on the specific model and cellular capabilities. Some models may require a cellular plan, while others can make calls through a connected smartphone.

    How do I make a call on my Samsung Watch 4?

    To make a call on the Samsung Watch 4, simply open the phone app and select the contact you wish to call or use voice commands to call a specific contact. You can also use the watch’s keypad to manually dial a number.

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