Does Kohl’s Sell Apple Watch

Are you in the market for an Apple Watch and wondering if Kohl’s has what you’re looking for?

We’ll explore the range of Apple products available at Kohl’s, including the latest Apple Watch Series.

From purchasing options to deals and discounts, we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying an Apple Watch at Kohl’s.

If you’re considering making a purchase, keep reading to find out if Kohl’s is the right place for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, Kohl’s does sell Apple Watch both online and in stores.
  • Kohl’s offers deals and discounts on various models of Apple Watch.
  • Customers can use Kohl’s Cash or coupons to purchase an Apple Watch at Kohl’s.
  • What Products Does Kohl’s Sell?

    Kohl’s offers a wide range of products including apparel, accessories, electronics, and home goods.

    Within the apparel category, they feature trendy clothing options for men, women, and kids, ranging from casual wear to formal attire. Their extensive collection of accessories includes stylish handbags, jewelry, scarves, and hats, perfect for adding that extra touch to any outfit. For tech enthusiasts, Kohl’s stocks the latest gadgets such as Smart Gear, smartwatches, headphones, and more. The home goods section boasts a variety of items like kitchenware, bedding, decor, and furniture to enhance every room in your home.

    Does Kohl’s Sell Apple Watch?

    Yes, Kohl’s offers a selection of Apple Watch models, including Series 1 and Series 2, along with a variety of bands and accessories.

    Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 cater to different needs and preferences. Series 1 is known for its affordability and essential features, making it a great entry-level option for those new to smartwatches. On the other hand, Series 2 boasts advanced functionalities like built-in GPS and water resistance, ideal for fitness enthusiasts and outdoor activities.

    Kohl’s extensive range of Apple Watch bands allows customers to personalize their devices to match their style. From classic leather bands to sports bands suitable for workouts, there is a band to suit every occasion and attire.

    Kohl’s stocks a wide array of Apple Watch accessories, such as chargers, screen protectors, and stands, enhancing the overall usability and protection of these coveted timepieces.

    How to Purchase an Apple Watch at Kohl’s

    To buy an Apple Watch at Kohl’s, customers can visit their local store or browse through the options available on

    For those who prefer the in-store experience, heading over to the nearest Kohl’s store is a great option. Once inside, customers can explore the Apple Watch collection, try on different models, and seek assistance from knowledgeable staff members.

    On the other hand, shopping online at offers convenience and a wider selection. Users can easily navigate through the website, filter watches based on specific features or price range, read reviews from other buyers, and enjoy the comfort of shopping from home.

    Can You Buy Apple Watch Online at Kohl’s?

    Yes, customers can purchase Apple Watch online at Kohl’s through the official website.

    Once on the Kohl’s website, shoppers can easily navigate to the ‘Electronics’ section and then further refine their search to ‘Apple Watch’ to browse through the available models and variants.

    After selecting the desired Apple Watch, customers can proceed to the secure checkout process, where they have the option to pay using various methods like credit/debit cards, PayPal, or gift cards.

    Once the payment is confirmed, Kohl’s ensures a seamless delivery experience, offering standard, expedited, or even same-day delivery options based on the customer’s preference and location.

    Is Apple Watch Available in Kohl’s Stores?

    Apple Watch is available for purchase in select Kohl’s stores, providing customers with the option to see and try out the devices in person.

    Shopping for an Apple Watch at Kohl’s physical stores offers a unique hands-on experience that online shopping can’t replicate. Customers can feel the sleek design, explore the various features, and interact with knowledgeable store associates for personalized recommendations. In-store purchases allow for immediate gratification – no waiting for shipping or worrying about delivery times. With Kohl’s locations conveniently spread across the country, finding a store near you to browse and purchase an Apple Watch is a convenient option for tech enthusiasts and gift shoppers alike.

    Are There Any Deals or Discounts for Apple Watch at Kohl’s?

    Kohl’s frequently offers deals and discounts on Apple Watch purchases, providing customers with opportunities to save on their smart gear investments.

    Customers can enjoy significant savings on the latest Apple Watch models at Kohl’s, with exclusive discounts ranging from 10% off to 30% off during special promotions. Along with discounted prices, Kohl’s often runs promotions that include complementary gifts like Apple Watch bands or charging accessories, enhancing the overall value proposition for customers. By taking advantage of these offers, customers not only save money but also get extra accessories that enhance their Apple Watch experience. These deals make Kohl’s a go-to destination for tech-savvy shoppers looking for quality products at great prices.

    What Are the Different Models of Apple Watch Available at Kohl’s?

    Kohl’s offers a variety of Apple Watch models, including the latest Series 1 and Series 2, each with unique features and functionalities.

    For fitness enthusiasts, the Apple Watch Series 2 boasts advanced health tracking capabilities and water resistance up to 50 meters, making it ideal for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 1 offers a more budget-friendly option while still providing essential features like heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. Both models come in different sizes and band options to suit individual preferences and styles.

    Does Kohl’s Sell the Latest Apple Watch Series?

    Kohl’s stocks the latest Apple Watch Series, ensuring customers have access to the newest innovations and advancements in smartwatch technology.

    With a focus on staying at the forefront of technology trends, Kohl’s is dedicated to providing its customers with the most up-to-date Apple Watch models available in the market. The Apple Watch Series is renowned for its sleek design, cutting-edge features, and seamless integration with other Apple devices, making it a must-have accessory for tech-savvy individuals. Kohl’s selection includes the latest Series 7, known for its larger display, faster charging capability, and enhanced health monitoring features, offering users a comprehensive smartwatch experience.

    What Other Apple Watch Models are Available at Kohl’s?

    Along with the latest Series, Kohl’s carries a range of other Apple Watch models, along with a selection of bands and accessories to customize the devices.

    Whether you’re looking for a sleek and stylish Apple Watch Series 6, a budget-friendly option like the Apple Watch SE, or the vintage charm of the Apple Watch Series 3, Kohl’s has something for every taste and preference. These models offer a variety of features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and water resistance, catering to different lifestyle needs.

    For those who love to personalize their gadgets, Kohl’s collection of bands and accessories is a treasure trove. From sport bands for active users to leather bands for a more sophisticated look, Kohl’s selection allows you to switch up your style effortlessly.

    What Accessories are Available for Apple Watch at Kohl’s?

    Kohl’s offers a wide selection of accessories for Apple Watch, including bands, chargers, and innovative products like the iTouch Air and Magnetic Charging Station.

    Enhance your Apple Watch experience with the latest accessories designed to elevate style and functionality. Discover versatile bands in a range of materials and colors to suit every occasion—from sporty silicone straps to elegant leather bands.

    For seamless charging solutions, the iTouch Air combines advanced technology with a sleek design, while the Magnetic Charging Station offers convenience and efficiency in recharging your device.

    Explore Kohl’s collection to find the perfect accessory for your Apple Watch and stay connected in style.

    Can You Use Kohl’s Cash or Coupons to Purchase an Apple Watch?

    Customers can leverage Kohl’s Cash and coupons towards the purchase of an Apple Watch, allowing for additional savings and discounts on smart tech investments.

    By utilizing Kohl’s Cash and coupons, customers not only receive immediate discounts on the retail price of an Apple Watch, they also earn rewards for future purchases. This double benefit system enables shoppers to make the most of their budget while indulging in premium tech products. The flexibility of redeeming rewards alongside coupons ensures that customers have the freedom to choose how they want to save on their desired items. Incorporating Kohl’s Cash into the mix enables consumers to enjoy extra perks that enhance their shopping experience, making it a win-win situation for savvy shoppers.

    What is the Return Policy for Apple Watch at Kohl’s?

    Kohl’s offers a flexible return policy for Apple Watch purchases, allowing customers to return or exchange their devices within a specified timeframe for a hassle-free experience.

    The return policy at Kohl’s ensures that customers have peace of mind when making a purchase of an Apple Watch. If for any reason the device does not meet expectations, customers can initiate a return or exchange process within a 30-day window from the date of purchase. This gives customers ample time to test out the product and decide if it aligns with their needs.

    Conclusion: Is Kohl’s a Good Place to Buy an Apple Watch?

    In conclusion, Kohl’s provides a convenient and reliable option for customers looking to purchase an Apple Watch, with a diverse selection, competitive pricing, and customer-centric services.

    When you shop at Kohl’s for an Apple Watch, you can explore a wide range of models, from the latest releases to stylish designs, catering to different preferences and budgets. Not only does Kohl’s offer attractive pricing, but their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you with any queries or guidance, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Their hassle-free return policy and convenient online order options make it even more convenient for customers to enjoy the premium shopping experience at Kohl’s.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Kohl’s Sell Apple Watch?

    Yes, Kohl’s currently sells the Apple Watch both online and in select stores.

    What types of Apple Watch does Kohl’s sell?

    Kohl’s sells a variety of Apple Watch models, including the latest Series 6 and SE, as well as previous models such as Series 5 and Series 3.

    Can I use my Kohl’s coupons to purchase an Apple Watch?

    Yes, Kohl’s coupons and discounts can be applied to the purchase of an Apple Watch.

    Does Kohl’s offer any special deals or promotions on Apple Watches?

    Kohl’s frequently offers sales and promotions on Apple Watches, such as discounts or Kohl’s Cash rewards. These deals can often be found on their website or in-store.

    Can I return or exchange an Apple Watch purchased from Kohl’s?

    Yes, Kohl’s has a flexible return and exchange policy for Apple Watches within their designated return period.

    Is it possible to purchase an Apple Watch from Kohl’s with financing options?

    Yes, Kohl’s offers financing options for purchases made with their Kohl’s Charge card, including Apple Watches.

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