How Big is Apple Watch Series 3

Curious about the features and specifications of the Apple Watch Series 3?

In this article, we explore the size and design, display, battery life, and connectivity of this popular smartwatch.

Comparisons with other models like Series 1, Series 2, and Series 4 will be made. We also discuss the pros and cons of the size of the Apple Watch Series 3.

Stay tuned to find out everything you need to know about this innovative wearable device.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Apple Watch Series 3 has a compact design and lightweight, making it convenient for daily wear.
  • With a 1.65 inch OLED display, the Apple Watch Series 3 offers a clear and vibrant screen for easy navigation and viewing.
  • The Apple Watch Series 3 has a longer battery life compared to its predecessors, lasting up to 18 hours on a single charge.
  • What Are the Features of Apple Watch Series 3?

    Apple Watch Series 3 boasts a range of advanced features including GPS and Cellular capabilities, various casing options like Aluminum and Stainless steel, diverse band choices such as Sport Band and Milanese Loop, and cutting-edge technology like Retina OLED display and S3 SiP.

    One of the key design elements of the Apple Watch Series 3 is its sleek and stylish build, blending premium materials with durability. The Aluminum casing provides a lightweight feel, perfect for daily wear, while the Stainless steel option offers a more luxurious appeal. The device’s Retina OLED display delivers vibrant colors and sharp clarity, enhancing the overall user experience. With advanced sensors like an optical heart sensor and accelerometer, the Apple Watch Series 3 offers precise tracking of fitness metrics and activities.

    Size and Design

    The Size and Design of Apple Watch Series 3 showcase a blend of elegance and functionality, with options like Aluminum, Stainless steel, and Ceramic cases, complemented by a variety of band choices including Sport Bands, Milanese Loop, and Hermès leather bands.

    The Aluminum case option provides a lightweight and durable choice, perfect for daily wear and sports activities. Its sleek finish adds a modern touch to the design, while the Stainless steel case offers a more premium feel with its polished look and robust build. For those seeking luxury, the Ceramic case stands out with its unique aesthetic and exceptional durability, making it a statement piece.

    Regarding bands, the Sport Bands offer a comfortable and versatile option suitable for all occasions. The Milanese Loop band exudes sophistication with its magnetic closure and adjustable fit, ideal for a polished look. On the other hand, the Hermès leather bands provide a touch of luxury and elegance, perfect for formal settings.


    The Display of Apple Watch Series 3 features a vibrant Retina OLED display with Ceramic and sapphire crystal back for enhanced durability, coupled with an Ambient light sensor that adjusts brightness based on environmental conditions.

    Apple has intricately designed the Retina OLED display, ensuring crisp, clear visuals that enhance user experience. The use of Ceramic and sapphire crystal not only adds a premium touch but also protects the screen from scratches and impacts, making it ideal for daily wear and rigorous activities. The Ambient light sensor intelligently detects the surrounding light levels, automatically optimizing the screen brightness for comfortable viewing in various lighting environments, whether indoors or outdoors. This adaptive feature not only conserves battery life but also reduces strain on the eyes during extended use.

    Battery Life

    The Battery Life of Apple Watch Series 3 offers extended usage thanks to its energy-efficient design, supported by optimized battery capacity and convenient charging options.

    With a battery capacity that can last up to 18 hours on a single charge, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a reliable companion for all-day use. Its power-efficient OLED display ensures that the battery life is maximized without compromising on performance.

    The smartwatch’s charging mechanism is seamless with the magnetic charging cable, providing a hassle-free way to quickly replenish the battery. Additionally, the watch comes with a fast-charging feature that allows users to get up to 80% charge in just under an hour.


    The Connectivity options of Apple Watch Series 3 include LTE support, advanced W2 wireless chip for seamless communication, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to stay connected on the go.

    With LTE capability, users can access cellular data directly from the watch, gaining independence from their iPhone. The advanced W2 chip ensures efficient transmission of data, offering improved performance and power efficiency. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows for quick data synchronization and seamless internet browsing. Bluetooth enables the watch to connect to various accessories like headphones or external speakers effortlessly. The combination of these features provides a versatile and reliable connection experience for individuals always on the move.

    How Big is Apple Watch Series 3?

    To understand the Size of Apple Watch Series 3, it’s vital to consider its Dimensions, Weight, and overall Build, which contribute to its comfort and wearability.

    The Apple Watch Series 3 is designed with a compact form factor, measuring approximately 38mm or 42mm in width, catering to different wrist sizes for a customized fit. Despite its lightweight construction, weighing in at around 26 to 32 grams (depending on the model and materials), it boasts a durable build that can withstand daily wear and tear. The sleek aluminum or stainless steel casing not only adds a modern aesthetic but also enhances the device’s overall durability without compromising its sleek design.


    The Dimensions of Apple Watch Series 3 encompass its Size and Weight specifications, offering insights into the device’s compact profile and lightweight construction for user convenience.

    Measuring at approximately 38.6mm in height, 33.3mm in width, and a thickness of about 11.4mm, the Apple Watch Series 3 encapsulates a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. With a display area of 563 sq mm, this smartwatch wears comfortably on the wrist without feeling cumbersome. Weighing around 26.7g for the aluminum case models and 32.3g for the stainless steel ones, its featherlight composition makes it ideal for daily wear and on-the-go usage. The sleek design and svelte form factor contribute to its allure, making it a coveted accessory for tech-savvy individuals.


    The Weight of Apple Watch Series 3 is carefully balanced to complement its Size and Dimensions, ensuring a comfortable fit and minimalistic feel on the wrist.

    Regarding wearable technology like the Apple Watch, weight distribution plays a crucial role in user experience. Apple engineers meticulously analyze the distribution of components within the device to achieve an optimal balance. The incorporation of lightweight materials such as aluminum and ceramic contribute to the overall weight management. By strategically placing the internal components and battery, Apple ensures that the Apple Watch Series 3 maintains a harmonious weight distribution, preventing any discomfort during prolonged wear. This attention to detail underscores Apple’s commitment to both aesthetics and functionality in their wearable devices.

    Screen Size

    The Screen Size of Apple Watch Series 3 offers a generous display area within its compact form factor, enhancing visibility and interaction capabilities for users.

    With a 38mm or 42mm display size option, the Apple Watch Series 3 allows users to choose based on their preference for screen real estate. The OLED Retina display delivers vibrant colors and sharp clarity, ensuring that notifications, apps, and texts stand out with excellent contrast. The Force Touch technology enables users to easily navigate through menus and applications by applying varying levels of pressure on the screen, expanding the usability and efficiency of the device.

    How Does Apple Watch Series 3 Compare to Other Models?

    Comparing Apple Watch Series 3 to its predecessors like Series 1 and Series 2, as well as the later Series 4, reveals the evolution in Features, Colors, Models, and overall Status since their respective Launches.

    Apple Watch Series 3 introduced improved Health and Fitness features, including a heart rate sensor and water resistance, proving to be a significant upgrade over Series 1 and 2. In comparison to the Series 4, Series 3 lacks the ECG feature but still stands out with its affordability and a wide range of functionalities. The retention of the iconic design, coupled with an enhanced processor for smoother performance, make Series 3 a reliable choice for users seeking a balance between price and functionality.

    Apple Watch Series 1 vs Series 3

    The Comparison between Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 3 showcases the advancements in Features, Colors, and Models, signaling the progression in technology and design since their initial Launches.

    One notable improvement in Apple Watch Series 3 compared to the earlier Series 1 is the introduction of cellular connectivity, allowing users to make calls, send messages, and stream music directly from their wrist without needing a paired iPhone nearby. This enhanced capability adds a new level of independence and convenience for users, especially for those who engage in outdoor activities or workouts where carrying a phone might be impractical. Additionally, Series 3 features a faster dual-core processor, resulting in smoother performance and quicker app loading times compared to the previous generation.

    Apple Watch Series 2 vs Series 3

    The Comparison between Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 highlights the enhancements in Features, Models, and overall Status, underlining the iterative improvements and refinements in each version.

    One of the major differences between the two versions lies in the processing power as Apple Watch Series 3 introduced a faster Dual-core processor compared to the previous Series 2. This upgrade significantly enhances the performance and responsiveness of the device, making everyday tasks smoother and quicker. The Series 3 model boasts an improved battery life compared to its predecessor.

    Another notable feature in the Series 3 is the cellular connectivity option, allowing users to make calls, send messages, and stream music even without their iPhone nearby. This added functionality provides greater versatility and independence to users, especially during workouts or activities where carrying a phone may be inconvenient. The Series 3 model features an altimeter, which allows for tracking changes in elevation, enhancing the overall accuracy of fitness and activity data.

    Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 4

    Comparing Apple Watch Series 3 with the later Series 4 unveils the distinct Features, Colors, Models, and Status differences, indicating the progression and innovation in subsequent Launches.

    One of the notable advancements in the Series 4 is the larger display that stretches nearly to the edges, providing a more immersive user experience. The Series 4 introduces the revolutionary ECG feature, allowing users to take electrocardiograms on the go, thus enhancing its health monitoring capabilities significantly.

    The Series 4 boasts a faster dual-core processor, making interactions smoother and apps more responsive compared to its predecessor. The newer model also includes a fall detection feature, ensuring that users can get help in emergency situations without having to reach for their phone.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of the Size of Apple Watch Series 3?

    Delving into the Pros and Cons of the Size of Apple Watch Series 3 unveils its Advantages such as comfort and portability, alongside potential Disadvantages like constraints in display area and weight considerations.

    One of the primary benefits of the size of the Apple Watch Series 3 is its lightweight design, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods without causing any strain on the wrist.

    The compact dimensions of the watch enhance its portability, allowing users to easily carry it around without feeling burdened by its presence.

    A notable drawback related to its size is the relatively smaller display area, which may impact the user experience, especially for those who prefer larger screens for better readability.

    Some users might find the size of the watch slightly bulky, particularly if they have smaller wrists, leading to potential fit issues and discomfort.


    The Pros of the Size of Apple Watch Series 3 include enhanced Comfort, Portability, and Ergonomics, offering users a stylish and functional wearable experience.

    One of the key advantages of the Apple Watch Series 3’s compact size is its convenience for daily wear. The watch’s lightweight build makes it a comfortable accessory throughout the day, without causing strain on the wrist. Its sleek design and manageable dimensions allow for easy integration into various outfits, from casual to formal.

    The improved portability of this watch enables users to take it anywhere without feeling burdened by its presence. Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading to a business meeting, the Apple Watch Series 3 seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, providing quick access to essential information and notifications.

    In terms of ergonomics, the size of the Apple Watch Series 3 is optimized for a snug and secure fit on the wrist, ensuring that it stays in place during physical activities or daily tasks. This ergonomic consideration enhances user comfort and overall satisfaction, making the smartwatch a valuable companion for individuals seeking a blend of style and functionality.


    The Cons associated with the Size of Apple Watch Series 3 may include limitations in Display area, Weight considerations, and potential constraints in customization due to its compact design.

    One of the main drawbacks of the size of Apple Watch Series 3 is the limited display area, which can make it challenging to interact with certain apps and view content comfortably. The relatively small screen size may pose difficulties for users with visual impairments or those who prefer larger displays.

    The weight of the Apple Watch Series 3 is another concern for some users, as the compact design may result in a heavier feel on the wrist, leading to potential discomfort during extended wear.

    The size limitations of the device can restrict the extent to which users can customize their watch faces or add personal touches, affecting the overall user experience.


    In conclusion, Apple Watch Series 3 emerges as a sophisticated wearable device equipped with a multitude of features, offering a blend of innovation, style, and functionality, as highlighted through a detailed comparison and analysis of its pros and cons.

    One of the key advantages of the Apple Watch Series 3 is its impressive fitness tracking capabilities, enabling users to monitor their activity levels, heart rate, and even participate in fitness challenges. The integration of Siri voice assistant provides convenient hands-free operation for various tasks.

    Limitations such as shorter battery life compared to newer models and the absence of advanced features like ECG monitoring may deter some users seeking the latest technological advancements in wearable devices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the dimensions of the Apple Watch Series 3?

    The Apple Watch Series 3 has a 38mm case with a height of 38.6mm and a width of 33.3mm. The 42mm case has a height of 42.5mm and a width of 36.4mm.

    How does the size of the Apple Watch Series 3 compare to previous models?

    The Apple Watch Series 3 is available in the same sizes as the Series 1 and Series 2, with a 38mm and 42mm case option. However, it is slightly thicker than the Series 2 due to the addition of cellular capabilities.

    Is the Apple Watch Series 3 suitable for all wrist sizes?

    Yes, the Apple Watch Series 3 is designed to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. The 38mm case is recommended for wrists measuring 130-200mm, while the 42mm case is recommended for wrists measuring 140-210mm.

    How much does the Apple Watch Series 3 weigh?

    The 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 weighs 26.7g for the GPS model and 28.7g for the GPS + Cellular model. The 42mm model weighs 32.3g for the GPS model and 34.9g for the GPS + Cellular model.

    Can I customize the band on my Apple Watch Series 3?

    Yes, the band on the Apple Watch Series 3 can be easily swapped out for different styles and sizes. Apple offers a variety of band options to choose from, or you can purchase third-party bands for even more customization.

    How can I ensure the Apple Watch Series 3 will fit me properly?

    Apple provides a printable band sizing guide on their website to help determine the right fit for your wrist. It is recommended to use this guide before purchasing a new band for your Apple Watch Series 3.

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